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artist statement:

Everything I create is a reflection of the extreme sense of wonder I feel when confronted with both the natural and urban world. It is an endless reservoir of artistic opportunity.

Art, like the individual, is an expression of oneself at any given moment. It is fair to say that my art defies categorization as I have explored numerous themes, genres and I have worked with many methods, materials and techniques. I hope everything I create is inspiring and pleasurable to those who view, purchase and share them.


Brian C. Mayer isn’t just a studio artist. He’s a self-taught visual artist who loves the city as much as the natural world that surrounds him. He frequently interacts with the environment as he explores and discovers just the right components and subjects. He believes that the inspiration to create can occur anywhere and at any time, but the real depth of his work comes from his imagination. When composing his art, no matter which medium, Brian tries to recreate images as they appear to him and not always as they are in real life.


Drawing was his first attempt to create art. He started with intricate pencil and ink illustrations on everything from plain paper to cut-outs of cardboard boxes ultimately allowing him to evolve his skills with different materials such as pastels, charcoals, and graphite. This progression, in turn, led him in many new directions.

When painting, he aims to express the true essence of each piece, rather than just re-creating images on canvas or wood panels. He works on a large number of paintings concurrently using a repeated process with various brushes, palette knives or with his bare hands. This allows him to transport each effective method from one piece to the next.

Mixed media and installations have also played a key role. His latest work has inspired him to carry his artistic vision forward through the combination of man-made substances and the natural world, both for their beauty and scarcity.

Brian believes that originality and creativity are very important and above all, he is always excited to be able to share this passion with the art scene in Toronto and around the world. 



Toronto School of Business - Computer Animation and Design 1995-97.

Abstract works painting - The Art Gallery of Ontario 2015, 2016

areas of concentration: 


Acrylics, drawing, mixed-media, architecture and photography.



2005 Uncorked 52 Studios

2005 Riverdale Art Walk

2005 Queen West Art Crawl

2006 Cantine Resto & Gallery (solo)

2006 Queen West Art Crawl  

2006 Continental Pants 52 Studio

2007 Toronto International Art Expo

2007 Square Ft. AWOL Gallery

2007 Prototype 52 Studios 2008  

2007 Octopus Project IV 'ONE RIDE ONLY'

2008 Square Ft. AWOL Gallery  

2008 Octopus Project V 'NUIT BLANCHE'

2008 Riverdale Art Walk

2008 Peridot Resto Lounge (solo)

2009 Square Ft. Twist Gallery  

2009 Octopus Project XI 'HELLO'

2010 Art Square Cafe & Gallery

2010 Culturshoc Gallery 'RE:' (solo)

2010 Octopus Project XII 'CHROMA' 

2010 Peridot Resto Lounge 'People & Places' (solo)

2011 Square Ft. Twist Gallery 

2012 100 Series Project (solo)

2012 Square Ft. Twist Gallery

2013 Gallery Hittite

2015 The French Press Coffee House


If you are interested in having some work personally created for you please know that I happily accept commissions. I quite enjoy the collaborative effort should you want a piece in a specific size, design and colour. If you would like to inquire about purchasing artwork as well, please fill out the simple contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

*payment plans are considered on an individual basis

    send me a note.


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